[Gundam Versus @ Super TSB] Media Album

GVSatTSB cropped.pngThe long over due media album, because of my May trip to Asia. Another media album of that will be up soon(Valve time).

Db-rB2hUwAA9h41.jpgDb55-ypVwAAKVm1.jpgIMG_20180426_124626.jpgIMG_20180428_153749.jpgFrom IFixMachine twitter DbrpIP-VQAAxhcD.jpg


Full album link right here.

Sign up is open for Summer Edition of NYC Gundam Versus Tournament:

NA Online Gundam EXVSFB Exhibition

Game: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost for PS3 (EXVSFB)


There will be a North American Online Gundam EXVSFB Exhibition on February 13, 2015.  This will be a 10 versus 10 event consist of 20 players from East and West Coast to capture the excitement of the classic EC vs. WC rivalry.


I am aiming to get a total of 20 players, divided into 2 groups representing EC and WC. There will be 10 players (5 teams of 2) in each group. Estimated duration of the event is 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours


2 teams play in a “first to 3 wins” set. The losing team will be eliminated. The winning team stays to play the next team sent by the opposing group (EC or WC). The group with the last team standing (or the first group to eliminate all of the opposing group’s teams) claims the win. Both groups will decide together on the ordering of the teams and players.

Connection Info:

Players that are interested must have a good, stable internet connection with other players. At minimum you should be yellow to NA. To fill empty slots if the need arises, I may have to seek out and recruit players from different regions, as long as the players don’t mind playing for either WC or EC.

Why? :

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now and I think rivalry matches are always fun to watch. More importantly, many of us can learn from the skilled, competitive-minded players and veterans. Lastly, I am hoping that this showcase will increase awareness of EXVSFB in the West and support the growth of the netplay scene.

Sign up: http://goo.gl/yRbQzV Please put your PSN under the Waiting List you’re looking for a partner

Schedule: February 13, 2015

http://youtube.com/user/GundamVersusV3/videos Skysiam’s

Highlights (Not live stream):

Direct any questions to my ask.fm or twitter, find the links here https://wutupz.wordpress.com/about

*Shoutouts and thank you’s for helping me out: https://twitter.com/skyslam5491 , https://twitter.com/kazmadan and LinksJP https://twitter.com/ScumNana for proofreading and editing my previous draft.

On DustLoop:


Media from NEC 15 and TSB Xmas


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NEC 2015 Gundam EXVSFB Mini-Tournament Casuals

[Sunday, Dec 7th]

What is Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. FULL BOOST?


Media from NEC Gundam:


Featured image

@TheSmang and @Kazmadan have brought us a temporary switch.


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https://twitter.com/NYc_703zOE/status/542054659117314048 “PSN bodied us”

http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sjjc7c  My afterwords

TSB Xmas

[Saturday, Dec 27th]

Less splendid shots are from my camera…

Though I would love to get some casuals and tournaments going bi-weekly. Lack of popularity and players in the West limits this to run monthly during Team St1ckBug (TSB) event.

Please comment below or let me know somehow, if you or your friends are playing Gundam EXVSFB or interested in trying the game out, the EXVSFB players would love to get more people! This month’s TSB is on January 17th, location is Next Level Arcade as usual, click here for more info.

Happy holidays and thanks for reading!

Hello, world! And my first blog post? [Nov. 9 Final Version]


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Reasons of why I’ve decided to make a blog:

To gather more players near the NYC area to know about the game: “Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost” or EXVSFB or フレブ【What JP players like to use】. Ultimately I want to build an East Coast Gundam Scene, if not as big as West Coast, but at least get it to start somehow right here in NYC.

To promote Next Level Arcade: The arcade was started by Henry Cen. He is a pretty open-minded guy but sometimes laughs too much though. For this place, I want to promote their upcoming Gundam EXVSFB Tournaments, which takes place same time with other anime FGs. Mahouko, St1ckbug, DaiandOh, and Phantomhime are helping me out little by little with the ECグンダムScene(You can say they’re my VIPs right now).

To Promote Rui Yong Hobby Shop: This is my friend Jimmy’s newly opened shop, this place is only around a month old, so new people are definitely welcomed. Since the shop is quite new, there are spaces for me to make some free try out sessions for new Gundam EXVSFB players (Or something like a free 20 min of gundam session with a minimum purchase).

http://www.nightbot.tv/usersongs/wutu9 Only used wutu9 on twitch/thebrett (Story for another day)
http://pixiv.me/wutupz (NSFW Careful clicking)
++End of Links++

On December 5th, there’s a big event called NEC15, you might wanna check it out, I’m planning to organize a small tournamanet there (Not 100% confirmed): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bOqF4h99s2luFqK7O64ZV6T38eQlTi7YVd_IS1B-Klo/edit

If you have any questions, just put them in the comments or tweet, I usually go to www.twitch.tv/thebrett as wutupz/wutu9 using red/orange color name to use !exvs add command (made by their talented EU programmer Kazuki) to play Gundam with them and of course his 247 chat room. Since I’ve mentioned Brett, there’s another person I wanna thank: His name EternalEnvy, from a DotA2 team “Cloud9”; I learned to be more persistence and ambitious from EE. My second blog post is coming soon. Thank you for reading and more posts are coming! またねぇ~!